Aged Care Services

The Australian Government has recently streamlined referrals and information for aged care services into a central system – My Aged Care. This resource is accessible through a website or by calling the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422.

Assessment is initially conducted over the phone through the My Aged Care contact centre to determine what support is required and to identify options and eligibility. An In Home Assessment may be required to gather further information and to ensure that clients’ needs will be met to ensure they are able to remain living at home and in the community safely.  This information is maintained in the client’s private and confidential record.

A referral is then made to the most appropriate service provider. Clients and carers are able to nominate a preferred service provider such as Longreach Home and Community Care Inc. Once a referral has been received, Longreach Home and Community Care staff will contact the client or carer to arrange for commencement of services.


Disability Services

Referrals can currently be made by contacting our office directly or through a General Practitioner, Medical Specialist or other Healthcare Professional.

Please note, this referral pathway is subject to change pending the establishment of the NDIS in the region.


Home Assist Secure

Please contact our office directly