Consumer Advisory Body 2024

Meet Your Representatives

Consumer Advisory Body members

Our representatives met on the 21st February 2024 to establish protocols and familiarize ourselves with the expectations and purpose of this committee. Our representatives are a group of older people from diverse backgrounds with lived experiences of aged care services delivered by Longreach Home and Community Care Inc. It is the intention of this Committee to represent the interests and views of ALL HACC clients and to serve as a liaison between the governing body and the consumers. The C.A.B Committee will provide advice and recommendations to the Board on how to improve services and they will play a critical role in monitoring and evaluating the quality of care provided by Longreach HACC as we move forward with reform initiatives 2024-2025.

Next Meeting:

WHEN      Friday 22 March 2024

AT            11.30am

WHERE    HACC Office

All minutes from the meetings will be published on this website.

Please contact one of the C.A.B representative members if you wish to provide feedback or have an issue for discussion at the following meeting in April.

Why Have A Consumer Advisory Body?

  • to share ideas, opinions and suggestions
  • provide support to Longreach HACC to ensure the delivery of quality services meets the needs of its clients
  • work in partnership with your service provider to deliver person-centred care
  • contribute knowledge, expertise and lived aged care experiences 
  • constructively contribute to the improvement and effectiveness of service delivery