On Wednesday, 21 February Longreach Home and Community Care Consumer Advisory Body (C.A.B) Committee met for the first time. Nominated representatives met with Board members and staff representatives, to establish protocols and Committee procedures for 2024.

Dale Bignell has accepted the position of Chairperson and Wendy Kerrigan will hold the Secretarial position. Kimberley Jackson and Kym Webb will alternate as staff representatives at the meetings.

The purpose of the C.A.B is to provide a collective ‘voice’ to the governing board regarding the delivery of services and the lived experiences of HACC consumers. Each of the representatives brings with them knowledge and understanding of aged care reform and the impact this has on aged care consumers in Longreach.

The CAB representatives will meet monthly to discuss issues identified as ‘gaps’ in service, and present constructive ideas on how to improve and /or resolve service effectiveness and efficiency.

This consumer committee is here to represent YOU, the client. So, if you have any feedback you would like to provide or advice you wish to contribute please feel free to contact one of the CAB representatives.

Your representatives are: Wendy Kerrigan, Delphine Delaney, Linda Tait, Pat Shannon, Joyce Rogers, Jocelyn Jones and Les Hayward.


Our next meeting will be on Friday 22 March at 11.30am in the HACC Activities Room.